The Guardian

Ceri is a dynamic, imaginative and effective creative researcher and strategist. Ceri has led on shaping the creative vision for the Guardian’s new civic space, bringing people together to shape a shared ambition for the venue, programming and commissioning. She has created imaginative and practical proposals for a range of work related to the Guardian’s new civic space, from business modelling to festival programming, and done so through sharing clear and detailed research as well as building partnerships with other Guardian teams and cultural organisations in the UK and US. Ceri’s knowledge of new types of digital events and audience engagement has inspired us to develop new commissioning relationships and programming. We have particularly appreciated Ceri’s ability to identify and develop the artistic, economic and social benefits of our work and facilitate team discussions to explore this. Ceri’s commitment to creating fundable and sustainable programmes of excellent cultural experiences has helped us test our ideas and imagine new possibilities. We have enjoyed working with someone so positive, friendly and collaborative.
— Jonathan Robinson (Director of space project, The Guardian) www.guardian.co.uk

University of Oxford

I worked with Ceri for two years when she was in charge of arts and cultural development for Oxford City Council, from 2012-2014. I always found Ceri an absolute pleasure to work with. Ceri was skilled at building networks, and found it easy to work constructively with a wide range of personalities across the City; acting as an effective broker for a number of initiatives. She also had tremendous energy and focus, knowing what should be done, and having the drive to ensure that it happened. This, combined with her strong knowledge of the sector and self-confidence, meant that a great deal was delivered in a short space of time. I know that she will be a very effective performer in whatever she does.
— Margaret Ounsley (Head of Government and Community Relations, University of Oxford) www.ox.ac.uk

OCM (Oxford Contemporary Music)

Myself and the OCM team have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ceri over the past few years. She is completely committed to and passionate about the arts and has been extremely supportive of culture and cultural organisations in her time working at Oxford City Council. Ceri is strategically bold and astute and has the hands on skills to turn ambitious plans into exciting reality. I’ve been impressed by her ability to influence and to garner support, funding, sponsorship and enthusiasm for the projects she’s led within a wide sector of the community and business.
— Jo Ross (Director, OCM) www.ocmevents.org

Arts at the Old Fire Station

Ceri helped to reinvigorate partnership working across the cultural sector, introduced innovative schemes such as the CREATE crowdfunding platform and ambitious development plans for the Old Museum and local festivals. She also worked closely with us to introduce more financial stability and support our artistic and organisational development. She was always quick to understand what we were trying to achieve – giving direct, helpful advice and support. She has a strong vision and great ambition for the impact of art and culture as well as a keen eye for the detail of project management.
— Jeremy Spafford (Director, Arts at the Old Fire Station) www.oldfirestation.org.uk

Further testimonials available on request.